As part of our ongoing drive to highlight our work, we are launching a special segment highlighting our staff who make all that impact possible. In this first episode we present to you a short interview of Niwaha Isaac, who is our Fleet Associate.

Please tell us about your role and what it entails on a day-to-day basis.

As a fleet Associate, I oversee and coordinate the daily operations of a fleet of vehicles, ensuring efficient and safe transportation of Docs (Day-old-chick). My day-to-day tasks include Vehicle Maintenance and Optimization (Scheduling and tracking maintenance, repairs, and inspections to ensure fleet reliability and extend vehicle lifespan), Driver Management, Logistics Coordination and Budgeting and Cost Control for fleet-related expenses, including fuel, maintenance, and vehicle acquisitions. My goal is to maximize fleet efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure timely and safe delivery of services while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.


Tell us a bit about your journey with Uzima from the time you started to date.

The journey has not been that easy, I joined at a time when there were many challenges that required immediate attention and quick solutions.

Teamwork and inter-departmental efforts have greatly helped me achieve all the successful and progressive work that is currently seen. At the moment, I’m settled in and work is flowing smoothly.


What drew you to work here?

I had taken a break from work and was looking for a new challenge. A friend shared with my an opening to join uzima, when I got to hear about the work Uzima was doing with farmers in Rural areas, I was inspired to be apart of the team.


What do you enjoy the most about working with Uzima?

Feedback from farmers appreciating the Healthy Docs received gives me the joy and energy to keep doing what I’m doing on a daily.

I enjoy the youthful environment at Uzima that makes it easy for me to collaborate easily with everyone hence creating a progressive working environment.


Can you share a moment/ project in your Uzima Career you are proud of?

When I had just joined, there was a high level of fuel misuse, During my first week at work I ran a field drive with drivers, benchmarking fuel usage. After my field drives, we were able to improve our fuel efficiency by 50%.


Can you share a skill/hobby you have that people might not know?

I was a great soccer player, in my teenage years. The skill has however faded with time.


What advice would you give to people starting a career like yours?

 To be prepared all the time, In this kind of career, you have to be ready for emergencies, especially for vehicle breakdowns, accidents, and many other things that you can’t control.

While handling a fleet, you have to be observative, analytical, and extra careful about the main causes of vehicle breakdowns.

Niwaha Isaac
Fleet Associate