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Uzima Chicken is the leading distributor of high-quality, dual purpose day-old chicks in East Africa. Uzima Chicken plans to transform the poultry industry in Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, providing smallholder farmers with a robust, disease-resistant bird that can thrive in local, rural conditions and is more productive than local birds. Uzima Chicken believes our dual purpose birds can help eliminate poverty and malnutrition across East Africa.

Our Services

Poultry Breeding

Uzima Chicken is the exclusive distributor of SASSO T451, a high quality, dual-purpose poultry breed that is 4x more productive than local breeds

Technical Support

Technical consultations and trainings from animal production and veterinary professionals throughout the brooding process, delivery direct to the farmer’s premises


Support local farmers continously to grow their business in finding the market for brooded SASSO birds and possible expansion towards further diversification

Interested in becoming our

Agent or farmer?


Farmers who purchase day old chicks (DOCs) from Uzima Chicken, brood the chicks for 30-45 days, and sell chicks to smallholder farmers in their local community. Agents receive extensive support from the Uzima Chicken’s team regarding technical management and marketing. 



 Farmers who buy brooded chickens from agents and rear SASSO to either sell or consume their eggs and meat. Males require 3 months total to reach market weight, while females will begin laying within 5 months.


Grace Nabawanuka Agent

The chickens are ready to sell after one month, compared to at least three months for crops - this cash flow gives us stability. Also, we used to eat only beef once in a while but now we have the chickens, which are cheaper.

Namaganda Maria Smallholder farmer

I have reared Uzima birds for about 6 months now. Uzima birds are easy to rear because the rate at which they get sick is fair. My investment is also low. I now get eggs and meat from the birds for my children to eat and sell some to the nearby customers.

Kasendwa Ambrose Agent

From the Uzima project, I have been able to acquire a plot of land. I hope for my project to grow bigger than it is now.

Mafuto Ali Agent

Besides school fees, I can now solve a problem of 300,000 Ug without getting quick loans. I have managed to buy a Boda that I use to market my birds. I have also constructed more poultry houses worth 2M from Uzima profits

Asumu Muhambe Alice-Transnzoia Agent

"I am a happy agent from Transnzoia County, Kiminini Subcounty, Nabiswa Ward. My business journey started as a smallholder farmer with Uzima Chicken, purchasing one-month-old chickens from Uzima agent. I was impressed by how healthy and fast the chickens grew, which motivated me to try purchasing day-old chicks. I began with 300 chicks, and now I am raising 600 chicks. My target is 2000 chicks by the end of this year. Through my work as a Uzima agent, I have managed to educate my children and construct two modern poultry houses. This has significantly expanded my poultry capacity, contributing to my overall success.

Margret Komen-Eldoret Agent

Nilikuwa nikipambana na viwango vya juu vya vifo kati ya vifaranga wangu kabla sijagundua kuku wa Uzima. Kuku wao ni ubora wa hali ya juu na tofauti imekuwa ya kustaajabisha. Ninapendezwa na utendaji bora wa kuku wa uzima na nina mango wa kupanua biashara yangu. Wateja wangu hununua vifaranga wa mwezi mmoja na wameridhika sana na ukuaji imara na wa haraka wa hawa kuku.

Alice Jemeli-Transnzoia Agent

I am a proud agent from transnzoia county, Cherangani subcounty, an agent in Uzima. since I started this business, my profits have significantly improved, benefiting me as a woman and a mother. I have been able to meet my family's needs, support my children's education, and most importantly, acquire a dairy cow. My ultimate goal is to expand my business and keep 1000 chickens by end of this year. As an agent, I take pride in being part of the effort to make smallholder farmers in my community Healthier and Wealthier. This has been most rewarding aspect of my work.

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